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We believe that the quality of our products is the key to our continued success. We focus on always producing quality products. Our quality control department is responsible for ensuring that we comply with all internal policies and external standards imposed by our customers. We implement strict quality control measures in the whole production process to ensure the quality of products.

Purchase of raw materials:

We only purchase raw materials from suppliers on the pre approved list

Sampling inspection will be conducted before warehousing of raw materials


Our quality control staff monitor all stages of the production process

We will carry out visual inspection and testing to evaluate the quality of semi-finished products, so as to ensure compliance with customer specifications

Some CMS customers regularly conduct factory audits to ensure that our production processes meet their standards in many aspects, including environmental protection, occupational health and safety, corporate social responsibility and counter-terrorism issues

Machine and equipment management:

Regular maintenance to ensure the best performance of the machine and equipment


Each batch of finished products shall be subject to visual inspection and test, and delivered to the customer for final sample inspection

According to the BSCI audit summary report issued by the foreign trade association on November 5, 2014, a comprehensive industrial audit has been carried out on Jiangxi silk Dai. According to the report, no deviation has been found in the operation of Jiangxi silk Dai on key issues. BSCI audit summary reports assess the operation of a company in terms of management measures, documentation, employee hours and compensation, occupational health and safety, working conditions, corporate social responsibility and the environment. Jiangxi Sidai has achieved good grades in all aspects above, which is the highest grade in BSCI audit summary report.

We have strong R & D capabilities

We believe that our success is due to, among other things, our strong R & D capability, which enables us to continuously introduce new high-quality products and improve production efficiency. We have more than one full-time R & D personnel and a consultant expert team with rich experience in animation derivatives industry and clothing industry. Our R & D department is equipped with creative and experienced talents and advanced technology, which can quickly predict, identify and respond to the rapid development trend and fast changing consumer preferences. Our innovative talents can not only transform the initial ideas and concepts of CMS customers into products that can be produced and commercialized, but also create and develop our OBM role-playing products and sexy underwear.

We have obtained two invention patents, twelve utility model patents and five design patents related to improving production efficiency and product quality in China. We are mainly focused on the development of patented technology related to the production of our products. Related technologies and machines include:

1. The method and device of braiding to ensure the consistency and good quality of wig;

2. The hair connecting device, the knot hair strip and the connecting method are used to avoid the real hair damage during the hair receiving process;

3. Hot press shaping machine is used to enhance shaping effect through hot press;

4. The wig shaping machine is used to make the wig achieve different shaping effects;

5. Efficient and energy-saving drying room is used to avoid inconsistency of product quality caused by climate change;

6. Crimping machine for enhancing the effect of wig shaping;

7. A wig that is easier to produce at a lower cost;

8. The utility model relates to a carding device, which is used for improving the efficiency of the hair cutting and carding process;

9. The utility model relates to a wig net cap with diamond net, which is used for speeding up the production process of wigs;

10. The utility model relates to a grafting type wig set, which is used for fixing the hair by grafting;

11. Antibacterial wig made of antibacterial hair;

12. Shaper clothing for shaping and plasticity. We are continuously developing new patented technology and improving our existing patented technology.

To maintain and further enhance our R & D capabilities, we have adopted:

13. Employee incentive plan to encourage product innovation;

14. Personnel training;

15. Recruitment and retention of talents;

16. Cooperation with universities and colleges on R & D of patented technology.