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The Company believes that effective corporate governance practices are the basic elements to enhance shareholder value and protect the rights and interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. Therefore, the company strives to achieve and maintain a high level of corporate governance that best suits the needs and interests of the company and its subsidiaries.

The Company adopts a comprehensive set of corporate governance principles, emphasizing an excellent board of directors, effective internal control, strict disclosure practices, and transparency and accountability system. In addition, the Company continues to improve these practices and cultivate a high integrity corporate culture.

Audit Committee

Mr. Zheng Jinmin (Chairman of the Committee), Mr. Chen Wenhua and Ms. Peng Yun

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Remuneration Committee

Mr. Chen Wenhua (Chairman of the Committee), Mr. Xu Chengwu, Ms. Peng Xu

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Nomination Committee

Ms. Peng Xu (Chairman of the Committee), Mr. Teng Hao, Mr. Chen Wenhua

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