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发布时间:2019-12-23| 发布者: admin

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Face to face

Job description:

-Responsible for the design and development of business system functional modules of commercial products

-Research on Java related technologies

-Using agile software process method to promote project implementation

Job requirements:

-Deep understanding of OOA / ood / OOP programming ideas, mastering a variety of commonly used design patterns

-Familiar with the basic principles of the existing mainstream Java frameworks (spring, struts, spring MVC, hibernate, ibatis, FreeMarker, etc.), with the ability of R & D Based on the above

-Pay attention to new technologies, understand groovy and jruby, and be familiar with ror, COC and restful programming styles

-Love software development, solid basic coding skills, pursuit of perfection, self-motivated and strong learning ability

-Rich experience in Web architecture design, deep understanding of Web site performance tuning, site expansion and content integration

-Familiar with cache principle and mainstream cache framework, experience in cluster system development is preferred

-Experience in software project management, enterprise knowledge management and R & D process system management is preferred

-Internet interactive product design and development experience, enterprise search experience is preferred

-This position requires more than three years of software product development experience