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Chinese party culture: Research Report

发布时间:2019-12-23| 发布者: admin

Business Overview

China party culture holdings is engaged in the design, development, production, sales and marketing of role-playing products, including role-playing clothing and wigs, and non role-playing clothing. The group's products are mainly exported to overseas customers, including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. The group business can be divided into two main categories, namely CMS business and OBM business. CMS business is transformed into commercial production according to customer design The OBM business is to develop products under its own brand. At present, the group has seven brands, three of which are more active, namely "party time", "secret moments" and "style". In addition, the group's production facilities are located in Yichun production plant and Yiwu production plant in China, with a total area of about 101000 square meters.

Investment Highlights

The business relationship between the group and its five major customers is more than seven years on average, of which, the group has been authorized to produce internationally famous theme park chain brands in the United States for more than nine consecutive years since 2006, and has also been recognized by BSCI corporate social responsibility in the European Union.

Until the last practical date, the group has obtained two invention patents, twelve utility model patents and five design patents related to improving production efficiency and product quality in China to help the group focus on product development technology.

In 2014, by revenue, the group was 1) the largest role-playing wig manufacturer in China, 2) the third largest role-playing clothing manufacturer, and 3) the second largest sexy underwear manufacturer.

risk factor

As of the last practical date, the group has established sales networks in more than 30 countries, but about 96.9% of the group's revenue comes from sales to overseas customers, so the group's financial performance relies on export sales, which is more likely to be affected by the global economy.

The group regards R & D strength as a key competitive advantage, so the group invests a lot of resources to further enhance R & D strength. More than 80% of the group's products are designed and developed internally, so the acceptability of the group's products is very important.

Purpose of income

About 40% is used as Yichun production plant to build two new factory buildings

About 20% is used as the R & D Center for the establishment of Yiwu production plant

About 30% is used to set up e-commerce business center and service center

About 10% for general working capital