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Chinese party culture: the main fundraising force to expand the domestic market helps to improve gross profit

发布时间:2019-12-23| 发布者: admin

Chen shengbi, chairman and chief executive of China Party Culture (01532. HK), pointed out at the press conference that the fund-raising income was mainly used to expand the Chinese market. Although domestic sales accounted for only about 10% at present, it was mainly e-commerce sales, so the gross profit would be higher than the B2B mode of export sales. At present, it mainly focuses on the third-party e-commerce platform, but in the future, it will develop the independent platform of the company.

He pointed out that e-commerce began to operate in December last year, but its monthly average sales volume has quadrupled, so he believed that in the future, it will help the company's business to develop in a balanced way. When the proportion of domestic sales increases gradually, it will help the gross profit rate rise. From this year to the end of March, the gross profit rate is 27.7%.

He also pointed out that the planned addition of production plants and experience centers in China as mentioned in the prospectus is expected to be put into operation in the fourth quarter of next year.

In addition, for the devaluation of RMB, he said it would help exporters positively, because the company's quotation and revenue are mainly in US dollars.