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Chinese party culture: Japan will become an important target market

发布时间:2019-12-23| 发布者: admin

Chen shengbi, chairman and chief executive of the company, said that in the future, it will continue to expand overseas markets, and Japan, where Cosplay is more popular, will become an important target area for the company's development.

He believes that Japan's development experience can also be used for reference to explore the mainland market.

He also pointed out that although the economic growth in the mainland has slowed down, cultural consumption such as cospaly has developed rapidly. Every year, the box office of film has increased by more than 50%. Cosplay, as a film and game related industry, naturally benefits.

He also quoted the figures in the consultation report that in 2019, the sales volume of cosplay clothing in the mainland could increase from the current 4.8 billion yuan to 12 billion yuan, so he was confident in the development of the industry in the mainland.